It helps when people have mobile services to use..

Google talking mobile Internet:

"We are seeing more and more mobile activity," Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products, told a Web marketing conference in Silicon Valley. ... "I think this is sort of a sign that people are becoming savvier with their mobile devices, and that there are better devices." ... "The technology curve is catching up," she told reporters after the presentation. "The phones are just better."

The story also notes there's only "tens of millions" of searches done each day on Google mobile, as compared to the billions done via PC. That's definitely a good reality check, and actually it's also probably a good litmus test for the definition of the "year of the mobile web" which has been proclaimed every year since, oh, 2000 at least. Some day, without question, the number of searches done via mobile will eclipse those done via the PC - and when it finally does, *that* will be the year of the mobile Internet, and not moment sooner.

Still nice to see the trend still going up.


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