JPod Redux


I wrote about JPod exactly two years ago this week. Time for a followup, no? Well, here's a quick one.

I bought the book a long while ago, started to read it, and decided it sucked and never finished it. Not surprising it didn't live up to Microserfs, but still disappointing nevertheless.

I just picked up Microserfs again, however, as I had lent it to Miker a few weeks ago as he had never read it (shame!) and then when he gave it back he started talking about parts that I didn't remember (shame shame!) so I'm reading it again.

I was about to head over to Mike's right now, and decided to grab JPod for him, in case he might get through it. Then I decided to finally read about the ending so I looked it up on Wikipedia... and to my surprise...

They've made a whole freakin' JPod TV series in Canada based on the book. Not only was it already made, it was aired, and already canceled. I can't embed it here, but click on the link for a surreal overview of the show (and an even more surreal companion website).

My god, who knew?!?!

They should have made a show about Microserfs instead... :-)


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