Koalas control the weather

I'm pretty good at guessing plots of movies, but I have to say this one completely twisted my mind. Actually, if you had told me the entire plot in detail before hand, I still don't think I would have quite grasped what you were saying. I barely got it as the movie progressed as it was.

That said, I liked it. Though I definitely think there wasn't nearly enough hints as to what was going on in the beginning. I mean, there's a big one in the first few minutes of the movie, but since he was also high on crack at the time, it was easy to ignore as him being out of his skull... or a paranoid delusional, or something. Yes, hiding what's going on was the point, but it seemed like long time between that first moment and when the movie started spelling it out.

You probably haven't seen it yet, but when you do, you'll know what I mean.

Oh, and I got some laundry done while watching the movie as well. No one's using the machines at 3 a.m.



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