Long Running Mono Processes?


Does anyone else have problems with running Mono apps in the background? I'm not sure exactly how long it takes, but if I have TomBoy, Gnome-Do, or F-Spot running for any length of time (in the background as designed or unnoticed in another workspace), my desktop stops responding normally. The mouse starts to slow down, the windows start to redraw slow as hell, typing is unresponsive, etc.

But it's not a resources thing - if I go check memory or top, it's not like these apps are taking more than their share or have bloated out of control - something is just wrong. It's like they're sucking up all the internal messaging or something. It took me a while to track down the culprits because of this actually, but once I figured out that hammering Tomboy or Gnome-Do would get me my desktop back I've been bewildered.

This post has about a .01% chance of getting anyone to respond soon as you'd have to be using Ubuntu as your desktop *and* running Mono apps *and* have noticed a problem, but I figured I'd throw it out there. I've done searches, but haven't pinpointed anything yet. I'd like to use Gnome-Do more (the Quicksilver thing I wrote about a while ago), so if anyone has a clue, please ping me!


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