Mag+ is the future of all computing

Mag+ from Bonnier.

Check out this amazing video from Bonnier about a digital magazine concept they call Mag+. It's focused on replicating the experience of reading a magazine, but the size, shape and interactivity of the tablet mockup they have is emblematic of where all computing is going, I'm convinced. The simplicity of the device is just gorgeous - a big screen in a thin, light frame, with multi-touch actions for control. Perfect. Simple, but powerful.

I'm not the only one that thinks that tablets are going to be huge - the buzz around the CrunchPad before it died shows that. But seeing how the iPhone and iPod Touch has opened up "casual" computing to a whole new class of users who may have never have used a computer outside of specific tasks (like for work) shows where we're headed, in my opinion. Rather than just those who are able to deal with the relatively arcane experience of keyboard, mouse, and WIMP interfaces, tablets will let anyone consume digital content as easily as picking up a magazine.

I'm amazed we haven't seen more effort put into creating something like the video above for real. Sooo cool.


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