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Miker posted a nice clean way to get mobilized links to his phone using the internal Nokia's or Opera mini's integrated feed parser. It's a great idea, I wish I had thought of it myself! He made a bookmarklet which prepends the adaption URL to the link he wants to see on his phone and then adds the new URL to his favorites. Then he subscribes to that feed on his phone... that's great! Check out his post for the details and a copy of the JavaScript bookmarklet.

I should make something that's even more automagic than that, a feed parser which simply takes a feed and converts all the links to be mobilized through Mowser and produces yet another feed which can be used on phones that have support for feeds - it'd be a power-user feature, but something I can imagine a few people really liking.

I'll post a link here when I get it working. Stay tuned!

Here it is, just add this URL in front of your feed: . So for example, a feed of's popular links would be:

(Do me a big favor and don't subscribe to that link above in a regular news reader, hey? Just for phones and devices. I don't need a billion bots banging away at Mowser for no reason after you mess with the link, and then forget about it. Thanks!)



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