mOlympics Redux

I just read this post on Read Write Web about the various options for keeping up with Olympics while mobile. It reminded me of my attempts four years ago to create a mobile Olympics news aggregator. I registered and then slapped together a quick and easy news reader linking out to stories for the olympics.

It's amazing how different things are now... if I had kept that domain (I got rid of it in a purge a long while ago), it'd be so easy to recreate it and actually make money this year.

  • There's a ton more mobile traffic to take advantage of
  • There's ways to monetize - AdMob and Mobile AdSense
  • There's ways to promote the site (same as a above)
  • There's more news feeds of content to take advantage of
  • There's more original mobile sites to link to, and advanced transcoders (Mowser)
  • It'd be possible to link to mobile versions of video either via YouTube or using conversion sites

All of this of course makes me cringe at how early I was (again). Timing is everything and being four years off the market is obviously not good (in either direction). The question in my mind is it a matter of choosing a new idea and sticking with it for years and years until the market catches up to you, or is it a matter of timing it just right? I guess the answer to that question depends on how much money you can afford to lose before you start making money.

Speaking of making money, now points to one of those SEO link-farm pages... I wonder how much cash that generates every month for its owner? Probably not a lot up until now, but it may pay for itself in the next couple months, I bet.


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