MOTOMAGX: Pure Illusion


I read the news release this morning and was pretty excited, the new dev platform from Moto seemed to address a bunch of issues I mentioned the other day. But this evening I went to go check out the new tools/docs/etc. and couldn't find anything except for a warmed over Eclipse plugin they're calling a Java dev environment (Windows only it says - huh?). Then I went back and re-read the announcement - the interesting new stuff like WebUI and Linux apps aren't going to be available until the "Q4" (read: 2008). This is just one of those announcements of an idea that was made up about a week ago it seems.

It *seems* like a cool strategy. Hell, smack in the middle of the graphic above I see "WebKit" - that's a great start right there. But that's about all I could find out about it. I have no idea what browser they're going to be using. Did they write their own? Did they license one? One would think this might be relevant info to share, no? Especially considering this quote:

"At Motorola, we know that software is just as important as hardware -- through the introduction of our MOTOMAGX platform, we are reinforcing our firm commitment to Linux and empowering our developer community to innovate with us in exciting new ways," said Alain Mutricy, senior vice president, platform technology, Motorola Mobile Devices business.

That gave me a good chuckle. Someone please fire that blockhead? :-)


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