Mowser October Stats: Top Manufacturers


Manufacturer Page Views
Nokia 1,132,735
Sony Ericsson 591,201
Motorola 263,670
Samsung 239,271
Opera 108,169
Windows CE 62,156
LG 49,678
Blackberry 15,100
iPhone 12,631
Palm 7,526
Sharp 5,572
Maui 4,685
UTStarcom 2,347
Sanyo 207

Considering the countries that are in my top 25, the list above isn't all that surprising... Though SonyEricsson's presence is interesting, definitely. I didn't put a percentage on these as there could be some overlap because of the way I did the queries (if, for example, there's a Samsung Windows CE phone..) but in general it's a good indication of the top phone types.


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