Mowser WordPress Plugin Available!


A long, long time ago, Miker suggested that I create a WordPress plugin which would detect mobile phones and redirect to a mobilized version using Mowser, and I said, yeah, sure, someday. Then Tarek in #mobitopia was about the 8th person since that time to ask me about it just now, so I finally took literally 10 minutes and put one together.

Presenting the Mowser WordPress Mobilizer!

It is right now it's most horribly basic form, I must admit - all it does is use that detection code I wrote about a few days ago, and then redirects if it sees a mobile. What I want to do next is add the alternate mobile content link header in, and put the option in to add in an AdMob ID. But for 10 minutes worth of hacking, v1.0 works pretty well!

The Mowser Community Forum is back in business as well, so please feel free to comment on the plugin if you have any problems or issues. And if you're a WordPress guru, and like to help me expand on this, that'd be awesome too.



Update: Adding in the headers was another 10 minutes, so I did that - though you have to manually edit the script to put your AdMob ID in. Hopefully I'll get that into the Admin GUI soon.


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