Mowser WordPress Plugin Update


Miker has been continually updating the WordPress plugin for Mowser since he launched it last month. It's starting to pick up traction with about 100 downloads so far and probably a dozen or so sites that we know of using it already, which is awesome!

In the last few releases, Miker has added a custom admin page, support for adding your own domain name if you've mapped it to Mowser, and today he finished up support for custom handheld stylesheets. He posted about it earlier, and has used it to add a handheld stylesheet to his blog and made it available on that anyone with a default WordPress template (or one like it) can use. Very cool stuff - definitely go grab it if you have your own WordPress blog.

Oh, and sorry if this is becoming a all-Mowser-all-the-time blog, but Miker and I are starting to get into high gear on a lot of stuff, so we're able to crank out cool new features regularly and naturally I want to post about it!



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