Mowser has a new home!

It took a few weeks to work out the details, but pretty much on the day that I announced Mowser was shutting, the guys at dotMobi got in touch with us interested in the service. Today is the official announcement that they've acquired the site and technology, and will be adding to their growing number of services targeted at mobile publishers. James Pearce has written a bit more here about the acquisition.

This is great news - Miker and I got pinged by a surprising number of people and companies interested in Mowser, but we went with dotMobi because they were first, enthusiastic, and we felt they would provide a good home for our work. While we didn't get rich on the deal by any stretch, I've been able to pay off a bunch of debts (and not worry about stuff like rent and food) which has been a huge load off my mind.

Miker is, as I write this, in Dublin right now at the HQ of dotMobi helping out with the transition, and both he and I will be consulting for a few months as well as they integrate the service into their back end and help develop some new offerings based on the code as well.

It should be a busy summer!



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