MWC is here!


Well, the Mobile World Congress has arrived wrapping up techno lust season. I'm hoping it delivers on the gadgets in the way that CES and MacWorld didn't... Seems like it's starting well with SonyEricsson launching the Xperia X1, a new WideVGA (800x480) handset with a sliding full keyboard. Too bad it's a WinMo device, but I like where the general style is going. You have to wonder what the deal is with their OS strategy though, really...

The promo video that uses Magical Mystery Tour in the background is pretty awesome - like their Bravia commercials, only for a mobile device. Better than that ding-da-ding-da-ding music Apple uses.

Speaking of, it should be very interesting how many devices we'll see that mimic the iPhone, and how many manufacturers just keep their heads in the sand and ignore the benefits of a large touch screen and simple UI... Since it takes about 18months from design to launch, there won't be nearly as many as you might think, I bet.



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