My Daemon Aditi


I'm currently reading The Golden Compass, which I've never read before, but the trailer looks astounding and so far the book is pretty good as well. It's got a real steampunk vibe to it, which is very fun. I was just checking Wikipedia on it before bed, and followed a link to the official site, where you can answer some questions to find your own Dæmon... mine is named Aditi and it's a crow, reflecting that I am "fickle, outgoing, spontaneous, modest and solitary" according to the 20 questions I answered...

I would have liked a ferret or hare or something, but a black crow is interesting as well - it's what the Master has in the beginning of the book... :-)

Of course, here's the URL they sent me in my email... so you can actually create your own (there are 30 different animals): ?name=Russ &daemon=Aditi &d_type=22 &traits=Fickle,%20outgoing,%20spontaneous,%20modest%20and%20solitary.


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