My Favorite Logo


I just ran across this site of some nice logos. Yet, even though I like many of those, out of all the web logos I've seen, I still think that Veer's is the best. Well, not just the logo, but the name and the way it's used as well. I'm not an expert, but I try to look around to see stuff I like and Veer constantly comes back again and again as just insanely well done.

First, I like the color orange, though they use it in black and white as well, and it works fine. Second, I love the fact that it's a simple word mark. No need for external icon to communicate the brand - the word itself is the logo and works in sizes as small as their favicon. And the font is unique - it's not something that most people can get by choosing something from a drop-down and typing it out in Word - it's got an artistic touch - though it still feels really crisp. And finally the word veer itself a verb - that alone is able express all sorts of ideas about the company without even seeing a logo. It all combines to make it a pretty great example of great branding in my opinion.

You know what the biggest waste of a great domain name out there? Google's done nothing with it, (and probably won't) since buying Picassa however long ago. Man, for a mobile oriented company it's just *such* a killer domain name, no? The most basic greeting spoken - the first one you learn in English most likely - would be such a great thing for a communications or community oriented company to have. It's really such a shame it's just tied up as some half-ass photo sharing site.


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