My New Personal Blog and Mowser Update

Add me to the long list of people who had to wait almost two days for Apple and AT&T to get their act together and activate my iPhone... I got it on Friday night and have yet to do anything with it, as it's completely locked down until it's activated. While I was writing this rant, I got an activation email actually... they must have felt my ever increasing annoyance from here, but they still screwed it up as they replaced one of my old numbers, rather than giving me a new one that I asked for. Joy.

I'm actually almost pleased that my iPhone is having so many issues, as this confirms my original suspicions that even the mighty Apple would be laid low by the realities of the mobile market. There's lots of fanbois on the net right now trying to shift the blame to AT&T somehow, but you know, it's not AT&T's fault that I can't take my old SIM out of my 3G phone and pop it into my new iPhone and have it "just work" like *every other GSM phone ON THE PLANET* so that bullshit doesn't fly in my house, sorry.

Anyways, now I need to get back on the phone with AT&T. The saga continues...


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