N810 WiMAX: Yes!


This thing has been rumored for a while now, but I'm very excited to see it's actually being launched, as I absolutely love the N810, and am excited to see Nokia continuing to support and expand on the device.

Imagine if John Doerr and company didn't have their heads up their collective asses, and launched a $100MM fund for mobile Linux devices such as this one? It'd be a real boon for the industry, instead of throwing money at a closed, proprietary platforms.

Actually, that said, I'm going have to look up the state of the Maemo platform, actually. With Nokia buying Trolltech, and the various mobile Linux initiatives (LinMo, OpenMoko, Mobile Ubuntu, off hand) I'm confused about what the future is for that specific distrib and where it fits overall.

Regardless, the N810 WiMAX is a killer little gadget.


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