New Mowser Blog (and a few updates!)


Just a quick update - Miker and I got some bug fixes wacked out this evening (encoding issues, URL problems and some image stuff) and we also decided to re-start the official Mowser blog. It's a clone of this blog, actually, to keep it nice and simple, but is complete with comments and feed.

I actually started an official blog before, then it got neglected so I integrated it into this one, but now with the two us it seemed like the time to start it again. I just primed it with all the stuff I've written about Mowser since it was started earlier this year, and we'll use that from now on to post more specific details about Mowser happenings. I doubt it'll get the traffic that my or Mike's blogs get, so I'm sure we'll point over to it now and then when something big is happening.



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