Nokia's N810: Very Cool


I wasn't expecting the N810 for at least a few months more, but it looks like it's going to be a kick ass gadget - 2GB interal storage, GPS, slide-out keyboard, better processor, etc. It's a slick little device and should really address the last of the uber-geek complaints about the device, though Miker and I both agree that putting the directional pad on the keyboard is a bit weird. And I personally have accepted touch screens as a great input interface since the launch of the iPhone, so I'm not even sure that the keyboard is even needed! That said, the N810 is definitely lustworthy.

Like I said when the 770 was first launched, I personally think Silicon Valley should embrace the Maemo platform enthusiastically - it's open, extensible and does everything many techies want a portable gadget like this to do, and does it really well. I'm very excited that Nokia is continuing to put resources into the range of products, as I really love it.

BTW, notice *who* the email in the above screenshot from Nokia is addressed to. They are totally messing with my mind. :-)


Update: I just saw Matt's post about the N810, and he noticed something I hadn't - the device is quite a bit smaller than the N800 and N810. Very interesting!

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