Novarra and Y!


Interesting! Looks like Novarra is going to start being the technology behind Yahoo's content adaption for their mobile oneSearch stuff. Nice... I don't know what happened to Volantis (maybe they'll still be in place in a few regions?), I just think that Novarra has been an under-appreciated mobile-web technology provider for a while now. From what I heard, Novarra got royally screwed by Google right before they bought ReqWireless a year or so back (you know the story: lots of meetings, show us your tech, show us some more of your tech... oh sorry, we're going with this other company, no more phone calls returned...) so it's nice to see them make back some ground with a big partner like Y!.

I've got other opinions of course, but I'm going to wait until October or so (a year after my last day at Y!) before I start spouting any opinions on their mobile stuff (not that I have any clue about what's going on there now, but still).

About content adaption in general, I think it's very interesting to see another player start making headway... The market (if you can call it that yet) is all over the place. You've got companies like Novarra, Volantis and Infogin who do white-label installs, and then you have companies like Google and Microsoft using their own technology, and then there's little guys like Skweezer, BareSite and my own Mowser who provide do-it-yourself options. My big question is: When is Opera going to separate their mini client from their back end server? It seems like a no-brainer to me and potentially a very powerful entry as well. Though with their bazillions of installs, I'm not sure that'll ever really be a priority for them.



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