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This is very funny (well to me anyways)... I refreshed my news reader and saw this post over at Karl Long's Experience Curve pointing back to my site. Karl mentioned the new Nokia social network I wrote about 20 minutes ago, and a new job position there for an official blogger. Here's the thing though, the name of the position is called "Russell".

Should I assume that between myself and Mr. Buckley, we've helped associate the name Russell with mobile web blogging? Or is there some other explanation? Either way, previously, those of us with this particular name have looked it up, only to find out that the name derives mainly from "that guy with the red hair", but now it seems it may be gaining a whole new meaning! Here's a bunch of great info and pics of the name Russell, just in case you were interested. :-)

What's even more funny is that I honestly had *just* noticed on the Mosh site that at the bottom of the page there's a link to "Ask Russell", and after checking it out, I was wondering who that Russell was, as there was no link to more info about him... Turns out that it's not a Who but a What.

Very amusing.


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