Ooh! Apple's slim keyboard is slick


Nice! Engadget has a bunch of pics of the new iMac slim keyboard, and I'm in love. I much prefer laptop-style keyboards to the normally bulky desktop ones, so that keyboard looks absolutely gorgeous to me. Right now I have a BTC 6100C keyboard I found down at Fry's which not only has laptop style keys, it's also compact as well (no number pad, which I rarely if ever use anyways). I actually like it so much, I bought a spare to make sure I'll have one around even if I kill the one I use normally with a spilled Coke and they happen to stop selling them.

That said, I *really* like the keypads on the Apple MacBooks... not only are they nice to touch and use (and spaced out great for touch typing - why aren't more keyboards like this?), but also the whole style reminds me of my very first computer: the TRS-80 Color Computer with the chicklet keys. :-) So this new desktop keyboard looks like it might be pretty perfect.

And hey, it looks like they got rid of the Apple logo as well, which is an added bonus! That would clash horribly with my Ubuntu stickers anyways... :-)


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