Ooh, Scribefire looks nice!


Wow, it looks like we might have a winner... Colin sent me a note about ScribeFire, a FireFox plugin for posting to your weblog and it's pretty nice! Well, it's simple, but works really well to upload images and stuff. Just realized that WordPress supports image upload via XML-RPC, which is something I hadn't ever tried before. Being able to snag images and upload them as seamless part of the GUI is exactly what I'm looking for.

I kinda wish I could have the writing interface off in another window, rather than taking up the bottom half of my screen - but it's definitely very convenient, and also very portable as well, in case I ever am forced to switch off my current OS of choice. Always a good thing to rely on cross platform tools just for that reason.

Okay, this will be the last non-post post about this stuff, promise. :-)


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