Ooh, there it is...

A few days ago I decided to stop updating Twitter with random thoughts. I turned to Facebook status updates as an outlet, but that seemed much more limited for some reason. That doesn't make sense as I was updating Facebook via my Twitter account before, so it should have been the same, but mentally it wasn't. This is a good thing, as now, a few days later, there's been a slow insatiable desire to express myself building that finally made me log into my blog again.

Not sure what to write just yet... I'm starting to have "shower thoughts" of stuff I want to write, mentally composing interesting observations while doing other stuff like showering or driving. (Do you do that, or am I insane?). I guess I'll just have to start blurting them out here. The problem is that Twitter has gotten me into the bad habit of just writing little blurbs and then moving on, a hummingbird-like moving from topic to topic. Having to actually write more than 140 characters about any topic almost feels odd... whereas it used to feel odd to write anything less than 14 paragraphs.

Oh, I'm going to CES in a couple days. That's my first trip to Vegas, which should be interesting - though I'll be working and CES is supposedly such a zoo that it's not like I'll be partaking in much debauchery and vice, but it should be interesting from a geek point of view. I hope I get a chance to wander a bit.

Ok, I actually haven't left the house yet (looking at updates from MacWorld), so I'll wrap this up. We'll have to see if it sticks and I start updating regularly. It's like starting a cold engine - it feels like the engine has turned over and then bam, it stalls.


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