Playing with the Blog Style

Every once in a while I mess with the style and formatting of the blog... It's sort of fun to have real content to tweak. I'm always looking for something insanely simple that still gives off a sense of being designed.

The latest version still is all white with no sidebar, but I've added a light gradient to the top of the page instead of the dark bar, and changed the internal "page" div to be 90%, rather than a fixed width. [Update: I changed it back. :-) ]

I gave up on trying to create any sort of cross-browser style, so I've added an IE specific style sheet which hopefully fixes some of the weird wonkiness with that browser. It's nice that there's a Windows version of Safari as well, so I can check it out on that browser and make sure it looks reasonable.

I had changed the front page to just have the latest blog post, but then I got some complaints from people who "catch up" with my blog by going to the front page and reading down, so I bent to their wishes, even though I thought it'd be kinda slick.

I'm thinking about adding in jQuery just to start playing with it as well - maybe in the archive page, I can slide the various months up and down... not sure.


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