Roomatic 2


Since the first version of Roomatic didn't get much (if any) traction and the main functionality has been duplicated quite well at Spy, so I decided to drop the Twitter script and play around with Disqus' commenting system since it was in the news today, transforming Roomatic from an instant chat room, into an instant forum.

Again, the idea is that you can enter a "room" (which is now a discussion forum) based on any arbitrary URL that you create, like or, including full links like There you can leave threaded comments about that topic. (I left the "Hot Topics" I'm scraping from Twitter Search's site on the front page as a sort of guide of things to write about.)

The neat thing is that there's no signup if you're already a Disqus member - and considering their ever growing install base, that's a pretty good time-saver. Also, since you can tie your Disqus comments back into FriendFeed, Twitter, email or other services, Roomatic can actually serve as a real center of discussion around topics (if it actually gets used).

Anyways it's another experiment in "simple" forums that expand on the Twitter theme. Enjoy!



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