Shiny New Nokia Toys


W00t! The Mighty Miker stopped by Mobile BarCamp up in San Francisco today and mentioned to the guys from Nokia that I had been jonesing for an N800 to replace my aging 770, and happily they passed one along for me. So cool! I just got done stocking it with apps and playing with it for a bit, and I can tell you, it's *a lot* faster. Earlier Miker and I had a video conference over Jabber, each using the N800 and it worked pretty well. Such a slick device - just like my 770, just better in about every way, which I knew before, but sooo nice to experience first hand. I popped in 4GB of SD cards I had sitting around, and it's seriously a powerhouse little PC now. (Thanks guys!)

Also, would you believe that Mr. Rowehl picked up an N95 as well? He lent it to me as well so I can try it out with Mowser. I missed out on getting an N95 at Thursday's Nokia Mobile Mash-Up in Palo Alto because I left early, so it's nice to be able to get one to try out anyways. I'll definitely be writing more about the good and bad points in the future, but let me tell you, as someone who's first S60 phone was the 7650, the N95 is sooo freaking amazing. It's an American version, so it shows a little 3.5G icon in the corner when connecting and it's faaaast. Screen is nice, keys are great, and the GPS even connected inside my house. Soo cool.

Yay! Like Christmas in November... it's been a while since I got to play with shiny new Nokia toys. :-)


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