Sorry, Mint


I got invited to the Mint private beta... which is nice. But they seem pretty insistent on "controlling the message", so much so as to require a check box on the signup page that says I won't blog about or post screenshots of the beta. What?! Nonononono. Thanks, but no thanks.

I can't put my finger on exactly what bothers me most about that sort of thing... the insistence of it or just the generic, overreaching limitations of the request. Not posting screenshots, I can agree with actually, but blogging? They want me to agree to, "Yes, I'll give up my right to free speech just to help you test your new product." I don't think that's a particularly good trade if you ask me.

Just the fact that the checkbox is there is a veiled threat, really. "Join, but if you blog about us, we'll do something." Is that really how you want to welcome early adopters? Someone there really needs to get a clue.

Good luck, Mint. You'll need it.


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