Temptation in giant net bags


Good thing there were lots of security cameras at IKEA today... I stopped by to spend the last of a gift certificate from last Christmas on a replacement shaving mirror for one the floor broke the other day. (I didn't break it, of course, as that would be years and years of bad luck; The floor, along with gravity and inertia, are the culprits here). Anyways, as I parked on the side in the upper deck, I saw there were giant bags of playpen balls just sitting there, stacked up against the side of the building!

I immediately thought of that xkcd comic with the apartment full of playpen balls, and started getting larcenous thoughts. "Gosh, I could probably get 2 or 3 of those bags in the back of my car right now... hmm.." But there were a couple of very conspicuous security cameras placed directly above the bags, so I didn't get far with my evil plan.

Instead I took a picture so I could blog about it. Not quite the same really, but it'll have to do.



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