Thank goodness Warrior is out of Moto


I've been subscribed to Padmasree Warrior's blog on Motorola's devsite for a long time now, and I have to say, it's been completely useless. More than that, the blog actually showed a naive understanding of technology, and a gee-whiz factor of things that shouldn't be surprising to anyone in tech, and *especially* to a person who was the CTO of a supposedly bleeding edge company. So the other day when I saw that Ed Zander was gone, I was going to post about my hope that Warrior would soon follow, and that looks like it's happened - I just saw she's moved on to Cisco as CTO there.

Nothing personal, Warrior seems like a very nice person, and has tons of experience in the industry, but the last place she should be is in a place like Moto that is fighting for its life in terms of survival in the mobile market. I'll give her credit for being there when the RAZR was developed and launched, but after what I've seen on the blog, I think her leaving gives me *more* confidence that Moto is doing it's level best to get their ship in order and will be able to produce more hits in the future.

Honestly, if Moto wasn't an American company, I would have written them off as dead a long time ago. But I keep hoping they can turn it around so that we don't continue to lose technical leadership to overseas companies.


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