The Midgets Cometh


I absolutely LOVE the movement towards larger screened mobile web devices. From the Nokia Maemo devices (770, N800 and N810), to the iPhone and the iPod touch, to newer devices coming down the pipe like the Intel MID platform. In fact, if you talked to Miker he'd tell you I'm a bit obsessed with these gadgets... The potential is so enormous. I remember a few years ago when the OQO first launched, and my thoughts were simply "Wow, that's so cool, too bad it'll be years before something like that is common." Well, it's been a few years, and now these gadgets are coming, and fast, and I'm psyched because honestly, it's a lot sooner than I expected.

I'm not alone in my recognition and enthusiasm - there seems to be a sort of an awakening that's happening now in this area. Check out yesterday's post at AdMob: The Rise of the Middle Web and last week's post in Business Week about the potential of the iPod touch, and just today there's a post on Engadget about LG's new Korean phone with an 800x400 screen ("WVGA" as I've written before is a real sweetspot for this stuff).

The "Middle Web" is actually a great term for the category (nice job Kelly & Co!) as it fits with the MID devices moniker, the size of the devices between the full PC screen and the mobile phone, as well as the places you use these devices - in all the in-between places like your couch or in a waiting room or meeting room, etc. But the devices aren't just about the Web. There's lots of variations right now, with lots of OS, GUIs, but I think there's a core set of functionality that's required: Web (with Flash), Email, IM and Multimedia means these devices fill a lot more niches than just a portable web device. It replaces your iPod, your Nintendo DS, your laptop, your Phone, and more.

These are the Middle Gadgets - or Midgets (for, um, short). :-)

This new category of devices are set to really take off I think... Whether they're super mobile phones, or laptop replacement devices - it's a gadget who's time has come.

Oh, and by the way, what is Mowser doing about this stuff? Lots, actually! The name Mowser was derived from "mobile browser" and that's what we're focused on - enhancing the mobile web experience. We're starting with content adaption for mobile phones as it's the biggest opportunity right now, but both Miker and I use our Maemo devices *daily* and are working on cool new stuff that will enhance those devices as well. We don't want to get distracted from our main product (which is generating cash, and needs maintenance, improvements, etc.), but to think that we're not also thinking ahead would be silly.


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