The problem with not posting regularly...

Is that blogging is hit or miss. It's a numbers game - at least it is for me. I spew excess mental activity here, and then once in a while some of it turns out to be useful or significant. The times when I sit down to write the Great American Blog Post, I generally fail miserably and no one cares. The times I sit down and bang out something from the gut, without much filtering or "forced analysis" is when I create something worth reading.

The problem is that if you start to slack off, like I have been lately, the chances of creating that great post that you can point to proudly in years to come as being intelligent, insightful or prescient start to approach zero. Rather than having a good post a week, or a month... you start to have one a year.

So I need to start posting more. This is a post about posting to get me moving... Feel free to ignore it.



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