The Special Secret Double Deluxe Bistro Burger


Now that CES and Macworld keynote have come and gone, I'm pretty much left totally bummed! This is my favorite time of year when all the lustworthy stuff gets announced and yet I'm not particularly excited about anything I've seen over the past week or so. Too bad.

Two religion-oriented videos on the Interwebs today.. First one I saw was Tom Cruise being one crazy ass fuck. Nothing new there, I know. The second was with Mike Huckabee being an even crazier fucking nutjob wanting to change the Constitution to match the words of a "living god". Total fucking psycho. People are actually voting for Huckabee.

There's a new public television station called V-me... It's all in Spanish, but unlike the insanity that are Mexican-influenced commercial Spanish stations, V-me has a real European vibe. I even watch Trans-World Sport the other night for the first time since I left Spain.

Can I just photocopy my butt? Hoochie-mama!

It looks like a nice Summer in Australia. I'm not a fan of Winter. Watching people play tennis on a nice summer day with the heat cranked is pretty relaxing though.

I just had to edit a post I wrote a couple months ago about Diego (the cartoon) being a moron because school kids and new Moms were finding it and becoming deeply upset. They were leaving comments calling me a Big Doo-Doo Head and I was feeling their karmic wrath in my day-to-day activities.

I'm starting to waffle in my commitment to learning Ruby. Until I started reading other people's code, I didn't realize that the fact that function parenthesis () being optional was being taken to heart. Combined with the fact that variables have no markers (like $php) and you get code like foo = bar, and you have no idea if bar is a variable or a function.

What is the Discovery Channels's obsession with disaster? Earthquakes, meteors, volcanoes, terrorists, etc... Also guns and blowing shit up all the time. What the hell are those people on?

There seems to be a lot of commercials using that iPhone music now. Is that an actual instrument? A guitar? A xylophone? A GarageBand sound-effect?

Can you tell I'm writing this while channel flipping?

No stone throwing regardless of housing situation... Unless you're trapped in a glass house - then that would be exactly what you should do.

I think I may have lost all ability to blog about anything interesting. I blame it on programming... the more I focus on details, the fuzzier the big picture gets as well as my ability to write about it.

There's a Frontline repeat on... 1 year, 5 days until Bush is no longer the President. How is it that he and Cheney aren't in jail or at least on trial?

I have an iPhone for testing, but even I wanted to use it regularly, I can't because it loses connection with the tower all the time for what seems like no reason. If I leave it lying down for any length of time, it just drops all connections and all calls get routed to voicemail immediately or get that weird busy signal. I've got to figure out what I can do to fix it so I can use it a bit more.

The last time I went shopping, I bought some generic brand Ritz crackers... Definitely one to add to the list of things that aren't as good in Generic.

That new movie where the guy is hooked up to a website and gets killed as the site gets more visitors is *totally* like Britney Spears, no?

I've been going to bed before Midnight for the past two nights in an attempt to be more productive during working hours. That and my partner is a closet morning person... Yes, it's true. He may deny it, but he's totally an "early riser". The bastard.


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