Try (Un)classes!


My pal (and fellow ex-Yahoo! alum) Jonathan Strauss is bugging me via IM to get me to blog about his new startup/project called (un)classes. He's all revved up about it and it seems pretty interesting, and as I'm sure he won't stop until I post, here goes... ;-)

Here's the description of the site from (un)classes blog: is a site to connect people who want to learn about a topic with those in their area who want to teach it. It's basically a marketplace for matching interest with passion. The actual (un)classes can be whatever you want them to be. People in your area suggest things they want to learn, others join, and someone volunteers to teach. It's that simple.

Seems pretty cool. If you think so too and want to sign up to teach something, Jonathan has put together a form you can fill out here. I think the form is for him to both populate the first rev of the site, and to get an idea of what people are actually interested in sharing.

It's a pretty neat idea - and if (un)classes can integrate "local" aspects of it, it might really take off. Like I posted about last year, it's easier to wander down to a town kiosk to see what classes and things are being offered near you than it is to use a general search engine, or even a classifieds service like Craigslist.

Anyways, check it out, and give Jonathan feedback. Lots of it. Make him wish he never got me to blog this.


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