pretty slick

I actually haven't ever checked out until just tonight - they're broadcasting a live stream from the TechCrunch party just up the road from me and it's pretty great. The technology, rather, not the insanity that is that party. I embedded the video above, but if you're reading this in a news reader, you can click here to check it out as well as participate in chat, etc.

I'm not a particularly social person, and usually avoid those sorts of things as much as I can - but honestly I can never figure out the appeal of shindigs like that. Is there really a sort of person that just thinks it's fun? Or does everyone there have some ulterior motive to shmooze their way to funding or something? And do they really think that sort of party is the best place to do that? Obviously, with so many people dying to get in, I'm missing something fundamental, but I honestly just don't get it.

Anyways, this is very nice to be able to spy in on all those movers and shakers and wonder wtf they're really thinking, no? :-)


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