We need an Americanism for 'cheers'

Back to email for a sec... I wish there was an Americanism for the 'cheers' expression that the Brits and other Euros use for signing off their emails. I was just chatting with Diego about this on IM. Even if you're not a Brit, you can sign off with cheers if you've learned English as a second language - it's assumed that you had an English-style language course or something. I'm jealous, I'd look like a pretentious moron if I used tried to use it.

Cheers works so well. It's a way of saying, "good luck, have a great day, great chatting with you, thanks for your input, and talk to you later," all without sounding like an uptight corporate moron. And not only that, but it's just that one word too, so succinct, and yet so useful. Another great thing about it is you can use 'cheers' in lots of other situations as well. A properly timed cheers can be used as a good natured "fuck you" or a really sincere thank you as well.

I seriously come to the end of every email to someone I don't know very well and struggle with the best way to sign off. Most of the time I just say, "thanks!" but it doesn't really fit in many situations. I mean, do I really need to thank someone so profusely for sending me an email? I don't have this problem with people I email regularly - I just don't even bother with a signoff generally. It's to the new contacts I make, or new people I communicate with briefly that I just can't seem to find a good salutation for.

Really, that's the question... What is a good modern American salutation? "Regards" is way too old, like "Yours" or "Yours truly" or whatever. I guess I could start getting crazy... signing all my emails with "Smoochie Boochies!" or something, and create my own unique style and stamp on my emails, but probably not. Or maybe I can start being like those wack jobs who sign off with "god bless you", "praise allah", "take care," or something equally as over-personal like that. Heheh... Imagine how confused some commenter on this blog would be if I signed my all my emails with, "Love, Russell"...

Anyways, someone needs to email me with a word or phrase that works... Or if there isn't one, then I declare the search for a new American Salutation officially started. We can have a national vote... using text messages. It'll be great. (Okay, maybe not).


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