We need to amend the US Constitution


Since we're on the eve of the US Presidential election, I thought I'd throw this out there that regardless of who wins tomorrow, I think it's time we modified the Constitution and fix the way that the President is elected.

First, I think it's time we got rid of the Electoral College and went to a straight popular vote. I'm hardly alone here, but my reasoning is that I think too much of the Presidential campaign focus is spent on smaller, insignificant states rather than major urban areas where the majority of the people and economic creation is. Why is New York and California ignored during the election cycle, rather than being the focal points? It doesn't make any real sense. And then of course you have what happened in 2000, with Gore winning the popular vote, but losing the election. It's just ridiculous.

The second thing that needs to happen is we need 6 year terms for the President, but still limited to just two in a row. I think four years isn't enough any more - we live longer nowadays for one, but the consistency of two four year terms isn't enough. Yes, this could have lead to 12 years of Bush had it been enacted before, but I doubt it would have happened. After 6 years, the nation gets the idea whether a leader is good or bad - four isn't enough, but after 6 we would have dumped Bush. Four years is barely enough time for a leader to get their feet wet... And hell, the campaign for the next Presidential election is going to start in about 18 months, which is crazy. Extending out the President's terms to the length of a Senator would be good for the country's continuity.

We should start the process now... I mean, it took over 200 years for the 27th Amendment to be ratified, so we should get moving. ;-)


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