Welcome to the future: Mag+ on the iPad

Mag+ live with Popular Science+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

I got an email this morning from the folks at Bonnier, the guys that created that really cool Mag+ tablet magazine demo that I wrote about last December. I assume they saw my post about it, and wanted to make sure that I knew about their new app for the iPad - a digital version of Popular Mechanics.

This is incredibly, insanely cool. To go from that concept to an actual product in such a short time is just astounding to me. In December, stuff like this seemed to be something that should be possible, but for some reason hadn't been done yet and still seemed a ways off from being realized. It was a short post, but let me emphasize what I wrote then (months before the iPad was announced):

"... the size, shape and interactivity of the tablet mockup they have is emblematic of where all computing is going, I'm convinced. The simplicity of the device is just gorgeous - a big screen in a thin, light frame, with multi-touch actions for control. Perfect. Simple, but powerful."

And now the iPad is here and the Mag+ concept magazine is *real*. AMAZING. What a difference four months makes, no?

Welcome the future everyone!


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