When we say "mobile browser" we're not kidding...

Just in case you've heard about the launch of Skyfire, Miker (my partner and Mowser co-founder) has been helping out down at Skyfire Labs in Mt. View for the past few weeks as they got ready for Demo. He wrote up a few thoughts here...

I actually haven't seen the app in person yet, but from what Miker says it works pretty well. Taking the Opera mini model one step further by enabling Flash is pretty wild, if you ask me, and something I'm pretty amazed that they got working over current wireless networks. I'll definitely have to have a play now that it's public.

If you're interested in hiring either of us for some hand-waving big ideas consulting while we're getting things moving with Mowser.com definitely drop us a line. Like the name says, if it's mobile and a browser, we're all over it.



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