And in my lonely corner of the world...

Hmmm... without a link or two from Dave or Simon on their front page, this blog doesn't get any major traffic. (Funny that.. ;-) ) I published the Amazon SOAP agent (AIM: AmazAgent) a couple days ago and I didn't get any feedback at all... which is too bad because I'd like to figure out what the heck the deal is with how Axis works for future reference. There must be some logging switch I can flip to cut back on the all those System messages... XML is verbose as hell so those messages are slowing the whole app down. And I'd really like to clean up the code a bit by modifying the Axis-produced Java stuff by adding interfaces, etc. But I'm not sure if you can touch those classes.

Or maybe people saw the post on Saturday, but I missed the whole "blog meme" by a couple days so no one's interested any more. "Amazon Web Services? Gosh, son, that's last Wednesday's blognews... whatchya still thinking about that for?"

I might have to blogwhore a bit and send some emails around to see if I can get some traffic from some knowledgeable people. ;-)


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