I suck at Go.

Okay, so that was pretty useless. I really suck at that game. I was about to delve in some more and figure out what the hell I was doing to get my ass beat so badly on Yahoo so many times in a row when I noticed this little quote:

In fact, learning to play Go is something like learning to speak a foreign language. You can absorb enough in a few lessons to get along, but it will take years of study to become fluent.

Ahhhhh.... Now I get it. Forget that! I'm having enough trouble learning freakin' Spanish and retaining my ever dwindling capacity to speak correctly in English without trying to fill my brain with another skill that will take a lifetime to master...



P.S. I ended up breaking the toilet too. We gotta fill the tank "manually" until I can get to a hardware store tomorrow... Joy.

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