I took a week off and now I'm frustrated... I've got too many things going and I'm not happy with the progress of any of them!

Check out this website on UI Patterns. It's great. Simpleface should be there already. It's been going since March. Though, in all fairness, I just redid the site to allow real HTML and file uploads a couple weeks ago. But now, it should take us (or just me) a few days to produce something like that - but instead Simpleface is just sitting there idle!

The thing is that I really like the idea of Simpleface and think it's important, but I also have other projects that I think are more important right now. The Journal is number one. There's a race right now for the first open source blogging tool like Radio and I want to win it. But that means head down coding, so I can't get sidetracked. But that means that other projects get left in the dust or forgotten.

Do other people have all these things they're working on? Or do they just go to work and then go home and relax? I can't imagine. Maybe I need to see a psychologist...

Also, Blogs are pure information overload. I need to keep telling myself this. There's more information produced every day than you will be able to consume in your entire lifetime. I've got the plan for the future and I think that J2EE certification and the Journal are key to that plan. The first will update my resume that's been stagnating since I came to Spain and the second will get name recognition and lead to more opportunities in the future. In addition, there's TODAY: Getting things done that need to get done today. Doing a good job at work, getting things done at home. But I'm always getting sidetracked everywhere... ugh!

I think when you start thinking of sleep, downtime and vacations as the enemy you need to reevaluate things...


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