I just got some email from someone who was annoyed at one of my posts. I'm always willing to go back and take a look at my posts if you're unhappy with what I said. Just drop me a note, tell me what a bozo I am and we'll take it from there. I'm a reasonable guy and I hardly think of these posts as untouchable. I even completely edited out some strong things I said a while go to make sure there was no reason for my current bosses to fire my ass. When faced with a decision like that you have to decide - which is more important to me, my freedom of speech or my freedom to earn a paycheck. I quickly decided that the words on this site aren't worth defending that badly. It's mostly me bitching about one thing or another. If you're reading this, then you should realize the same. Blogs aren't sacrosanct to me like journalism.

Saying that I WOULD like to do my best to make sure that this blog is as reliable as possible. Unless given a really good reason (think financial stability), strong things I say on this website will probably stay, and besides small edits or expansions on a thought, posts will stay pretty much the same after they are posted. I'll add an addendum to the post explaining where I made my mistake if need be, unless I'm completely offbase, then I'll just get rid of it all together. But I'd rather not delete unless I really need to.

I'll get a comment system up soon also, that way if you're really pissed off you can tell me what a moron I am in a much more public way.


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