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Announcing SimpleWeb! An open source JSP based Wiki that you can used on internal or external websites. This code is based off the code used on Features include:

  • Plug-n-play set up using integrated internal Java database (hSQLDB) - or MySQL db.
  • HTML-subset editing. No weird Wiki-syntax to learn.
  • Page previews and full archives of all changes made.
  • Integrated basic searching.
  • Automated sign-up of users with email confirmation and forgotten password notification.
  • File Uploads to be used on the page (for images mostly)
  • pings when users make an update
  • RSS file of latest updates for news aggregators and email to admin notification.
  • Userland Radio OPML document conversion (browse the wiki using your Instant Outliner).

This is yet another keep-it-simple application that was written by me to Just Get It Done (my motto). I don't expect to get any design awards for this app either, but it should be useful to someone. I do feel a bit guilty that like Charles' Wiki, I didn't do any sort of Unit testing on this code at all, so please use at your own risk.

This first version of the code is a "developer's version." If you want to try the code out, you'll need to build the code by using Ant. Simply download and unzip the source, command line into the same directory as the build.xml file and type "ant" like normal. This will put all the relevant files in the build directory. You'll need to change one file - the WEB-INF/globals.jspf - which has all the global variables which will control your app. Just fill in the details and you're good to go. It's not an XML properties file by any stretch, but it works. (And if you have no idea what I was just talking about, you need to wait a bit for me to work through any bugs that may pop up, then I'll publish a drop-in .war file for you.)

Send me any bugs discovered! It would be greatly appreciated! And some day I'll get all this stuff on SourceForge so you can have archive copies and CVS repositories. Very soon.


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