Craving In-N-Out!

Man-o-Man I wish I hadn't seen this article in the NYT about In-N-Out burgers... But I did. Oh-oh. I haven't craved something from home this bad since I had that blueberry muffin monkey on my back back in March. There are not scheduled trips back to Cali anytime soon so I'm definitely in for a long one. God I love those burgers! There's even an In-N-Out in San Francisco now!!! I want to cry.

The Blueberry Muffin attack was finally cured in June by the opening of two Starbucks Coffees here in Spain. (Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.) They have really decent muffins there and frappuchinos yeah!. Don't laugh or mock. You go a couple years without a decent blueberry muffin and see what it does to you.

It's also nice that Starbucks is here because I helped launch their first e-commerce website with Organic back in 1999. A little name recognition might help in job interviews here in Spain instead of the blank stares. "Starbucks?" Yeah, it's a coffee shop chain. It's really big in the U.S., no REALLY. "Uh-huh. Well, nice speaking with you Mr. Beattie. We'll call."


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