Two random thoughts

The first is that Python has been calling to me lately. It looks like a language I could really get into. I'm a Java guy and really don't want to learn another language but Python just seems to do a lot of cool stuff really quickly. I've always poopooed the P stuff (Perl, Python, PHP) but I'm thinking that Python might actually be neat to start playing with just for fun... I've just been reading Mark's really well done Dive Into Python. Pretty cool... It really depends on how good the libraries are, though. Ahh. I'll probably just stick to Java.

The second random thought is my '' domain is coming up. I sorta like that URL... short for "java anywhere" like J2ME stuff or just any sort of ubuquitous Java theme. I don't feel like letting it go to the wind. Not sure. I've got 30 days to decide whether to pony up the cash and renew... but as I wrote before, I'm sort of sick of giving NSI money. (My yearly internet tax). Mike the rebelutionary is starting to make a list of Java-related weblogs on his website... Maybe I could throw up a website with a page like that under the Janywhere moniker... hmmm.


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