More reasons to improve my Spanish

I bitched out a guy on the bus who lit up the cigarette while waiting for the door to open, blowing the smoke directly into my face. I was pretty annoyed and told him basically "What's your problem, you can't wait 2 seconds for the door instead of blowing smoke in my face?" He gave me a BAH! sign, and started walking away so I called him a inpolite idiot. You know what he told me? He told me to go back to my own country. Ouch. I gotta work on that accent.


P.S. Before anyone says anything about this (when in Rome, respect local customs, etc), I live here too. My family lives here. My son was born here. I pay taxes here (more than that butthead, some kid in college). I'm as part of this country now as anyone else. And this guy was amazingly rude even by Spanish standards. So there.

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