Fire Redux 2

I love blogging. Fernando just sent me this article in El Pais, which I'll translate for you here because it's so tripped out:

A building in Ciudad Lineal, evacuated because of Fire.

EP | Madrid

A building situated at Emilio Vargas #6, in the Ciudad Lineal district, was evacuated yesterday because of fire. The fire, which started at 11:45 in the morning in the basement of the property, took more than 5 hours to be extinguished completely, according to a spokesperson for the city government firefighters.

The firefighters took so long to finish with the flames because the interior of the basement contained an installaction of large batteries for backup power. These batteries were prepared to start in case the electricity was cut. The electricity acumulated in this area provoked small and continues explosions when the firefighters tried to put out the blaze. For this reason, it took more than five hours to extiguish the fire.

The workers of the company that were there during the moment the fire started were rapidly evacuated. No one was hurt.

Six firetrucks from the city government arrived on the scence with a total of 32 firefighters. They were working to put out the fire from 11:45 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Holy crap! small and continues explosions?!?! I work on the first floor... they're talking about the stuff immediately below me. Yowza... that explains the soot.


P.S. It's not exactly a secret whom I work for, I'm just trying to keep Google from indexing my blog with the company's name in case I say something, ahem, critical. You can look back in my blog for more reasons why...

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