Velocity in the wild

Jeff's is doing a real world project with Velocity at the "National Climatic Data Center, which is part of NOAA, which is part of the Department of Commerce." Nice! He also has some interesting thoughts on the Struts/WebWork topic:

It kind of reminds me of the old VCR/Beta argument. It would nice to use the best technology. But do you want your skills to be equal to "Beta" tape. I know just loved Borland's OWL over MFC, but in every interview it was -- "What's OWL? What is zAPP? What is Zinc?" It was this experince that told me that breaking ranks isn't always the best thing to do. Where are these tools today? This is my biggest concern with using Velocity and not JSTL.

Quite the analogy considering one of today's Slashdot topics.

Dave over at Blogging Roller thinks that Niel should've gone with WebWork, "so that we can see how MVC is supposed to be done",. He also compares Roller with the Dark Side. I guess you COULD make the analogy that since Roller is based on enterprise tools, is multi-user, stable and has a real framework behind it, that it's more like the Empire, whereas MiniBlog is this scrappy little one-page JSP app fighting against the tyranny of maintainable development... However, I don't think I would. Maybe Dave just looks good in black.


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