Day 13

I feel good this morning. The scale finally moved to 99kg so it started my day out well. Then I came to work and a woman who's been on vacation for the past couple weeks said to me first thing, "wow! Have you lost weight?" I guess 5kg / 11 lbs really shows. Rocking! I'm going to go running again tonight and see if I can keep up the weight loss. It's moving slower now, but if I start getting my body into shape, it'll help both how I feel and shed the pounds faster. Breaking 100 is really kick-ass though, I can't believe it's only been a couple weeks.

I sent an email to Doc last night thanking him for turning me on the diet afer he posted his progress yesterday. I forgot to congratulate him on his weight loss, so if you read this Doc, good job! Keep it up!

Back at work... smells like smoke here. I can't believe we have both electricity and internet... someone's been working their ass off.


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